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My name is Christine and I focus on

Your Wants / Needs / Desires

for Deep Peace during stressful times.

I'm older and know how to Focus & Listen intensely so as to make sure you feel complete.


Deep Tissue Therapy

Sensual Tease & Edging

Deep Relaxation Hypnosis

Prostate Gland Stimulation


I am a master at my craft and have a lifetime of experience to share with you.











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ALL Fetish Requests

will be considered


Relax, You're in Competent, Experienced, Loving Hands


Times are a changing' guys.

There are a few ways to contact me.

DoNot message me through any of the Advertising sites.

DoNot send a deposit if someone contacts you using my account from ANY Advertising sites.

I have two emails in case one goes down:

Phone number: 407-585-9897

Hours the phone may be on:  10am - 5pm

I am traveling this summer.

I will be back in Florida by September.

I mostly likely will be based out of Fort Myers.

I DoNot have an assistant.

If you type or say incriminating words, I will block you.

"You available", "Sweetie", "Baby", "Hi", I will block you.

No more messing around kids. Mamma doesn't have time.


TER ID#  110978

Preferred411 ID#  P12409

Please enjoy my orgasm clips for a small fee:

I appreciate that you sign up on my subscriber site to help me get through this summer of traveling. Thank you!

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Advance Notice for All Appointments.

Hours Vary

11am - 4pm ideally

Daytime / Incall preferred

I am traveling the states this summer. I'll be back to Florida by October.

I do not answer the phone unless you have made a phone appointment.

After you send me the information to put me at ease, please let me know your desires, so that I have a clear idea of the service you require for happiness.